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You Won't Believe What These Badass Ladies Are Up To

August 27, 2021 2 min read

At Lifestyle Details, celebrating and uplifting women is a year-round affair. We live for the moments where we can use our brand to showcase and show off their original artistry and creativity. Our business approach is backed by our natural desire to use our platform in support of female creators and women-led brands. So, in honor of Women’s Equality Day, we are highlighting a few innovative women in interior design. They are truly redefining what it looks like when we take the hammer and paintbrush into our own hands.

Kitchen Interior Design

The idea of storytelling through interior design is the foundation of Tatum Kendrick’s design firm, Studio Hus. With a carpenter for a father and a designer as a mother, it’s safe to say that Tatum has creativity running through her veins. Not one to follow trends, she prefers to personalize each space with the lifestyle and budget of each client at the center of the design. Tatum incorporates specific design elements to develop an aesthetic story specific to those living in the spaces. The final outcome is a design that is livable, functional, and cohesively beautiful. 

Neffi Walker is a multi-tasking, interior designing mom who is truly doing it for the culture - one black wall at a time. Her design concepts fully embrace all things Black culture and history. She encourages her clients to unapologetically infuse their homes with art, original furniture pieces, and a whole lot of personality. With the recent opening of her Black Home store, she curates an exceptional selection of home décor items and furniture, while committing her business to promoting and selling Black-owned brands. 

In this digital age, YouTube videos are the go-to for step-by-step home décor inspiration…and DIY with KB is one of our favorite channels. Interior stylist Kiva Brent has established her brand by “teaching people how to achieve the luxe look for less.” Unlike some DIYers, Kiva doesn’t turn thrifted items into plush furniture. No hammer and nails necessary, her brand focuses on sound tips for smarter shopping, design products and product line comparisons, as well as interior design mistakes and fixes. With some lighthearted humor Kiva makes your budget and favorite go-to stores work for you.

Couch with decorative blankets and pillows

Across the border we meet Toronto-based designer Alexander Gater. The former Home Editor of Chatelaine Magazine has built a fun design business that packs maximum function and amazing style into spaces with a smaller square footage. With an emphasis on renter-friendly solutions,  Alexander provides her 200,000+ viewers with practical and affordable tips for making spaces work for them, regardless of size. Whether a quaint office space or studio apartment, Alexander’s clients are sure to enjoy a cozy and warm aesthetic with some low maintenance plants and an occasional touch of her signature pom poms. 

With so many more innovative women interior designers, we look forward to continually making our brand a prominent place for them to market their brands to the world. We encourage you to do the same for the talented women in your industry.

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