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Falling for Fall Porch Decor

September 03, 2021 2 min read

Despite the temps, fall isn’t far away. That means it’s time to (pumpkin) spice up your porch decor. So bring on the sunflowers, pinecones, and cinnamon; I just can’t get enough.

Whether you’re in the “some like it hot” porch crowd (think backyard barbecues and icy-cold beverages) or the “bundle me up” porch crowd (think outdoor heaters and big fluffy blankets), there’s a reason we consider fall “porch season.” It’s the best of both worlds...not too hot, not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket or blanket.

This transition from summer to fall doesn’t have to be complicated, so if you’re ready to say goodbye to your summer decor and jump into fall, I’ve got some ideas for you.

First thing’s first: you may be able to use some of your summer decor in this transitional season, but you want to remove everything and give it a good clean. Clear out all the cobwebs, wipe away any pollen residue, spray down any furniture, and give all your throw pillows and blankets a good wash.

Once you’ve got the dirty work done, the fun begins. Without a doubt, fall decor is built on a foundation of warm/rich color palettes; fall blooms and grasses; and seasonal produce.

Fall decor

Pillows, cushions, and throw blankets are an easy place to start. Consider packing away summer items and replacing them with something that will carry you through until after Thanksgiving. Yellows and golds will still work, but you’ll want to trade out blue and bright green hues with more autumnal oranges and reds.

Once you’ve gotten your soft decor situated, start thinking about how to add texture and dimension to your display. Items like large and small mums, ornamental grasses, and moss are a great way to do that. Clay pots also work well for the transitional season because of their terracotta color, but you’ll want to remove any brightly painted buckets or bins. Displaying your fall flowers in a combination of rustic wood and metal planters is a great way to update the aesthetic. If your summer flowers are still thriving, and you want to add more, pick plants that will complement and add neutral tones. 

Idea: You can also stroll your local farmer’s market for additional inspiration. Pumpkins are an obvious choice for later in the season, but small, warty gourds, apples, and even brightly colored peppers are an excellent start for late summer/early fall. Display them on tables, in decorative bowls, or at the base of your planter boxes in odd-numbered pairings for that styled yet not-styled look.

My favorite tool for updating seasonal decor is wreaths. For fall, I love a combination of materials and textures. You can’t go wrong with burlap interlaced with fall-colored ribbons (oranges, browns, and golds), vines, and ornamented dry leaves or corn husks.

If your porch has a seating area, lanterns and candles are a great way to evoke the spirit of the season as well.

In my opinion, more is more with fall decor. Share your transitional porch plan in the comments below!

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