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The Health Benefits of Tea

January 28, 2022 2 min read

Tea is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Legend has it that a few leaves from the plant the Camellia Sinensis fell into Emperor Shen Nung’s hot cup of water. Over the years, adding things like ginger, orange, and peppermint became popular and different preparations were developed so the tea could be made white, green, and black. Not only does tea have a particular taste, but it has also been found to have some pretty amazing health benefits.

It would be our cup of tea to tell you more about how this beverage can help you!

Tea is full of antioxidants, specifically a potent flavonoid called polyphenol. Antioxidants are used to help eliminate destructive free radicals. It also has no calories, sodium, fat, or sugar (unless you add it).

Beyond protecting you from free radicals, tea can help keep your heart healthy; reduce the risk of stroke, cancer, and cognitive decline; improve sleep, and boost creativity and mood.

Cup of tea

What kind?

So which tea should you drink? The simple answer is any kind you want! Black, green, oolong, or white–pick your pleasure. The difference in flavor and color of tea depends on how the tea leaves are rolled, crushed, and exposed to air in the drying process.

How much?

How much tea should you drink? Some experts recommend having two or three cups a day as long as you don’t overdo the caffeine.

Some studies showed that people who consumed two to six cups of green tea a day for more than 12 weeks had lower body fat and weight than those who didn’t. Actual tea is the best option, but green tea extract is also available in powder and pill form.

Fight Inflammation

Tea is also incredibly anti-inflammatory, which is great because inflammation has been linked to a host of health problems and is implicated as the root of almost all chronic diseases.

Impressively, regular tea drinking may help lower your risk of getting neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s, but research has shown that green and black tea improves cognitive scores for those who suffer from it. It can also boost memory and increase your attention span as well as improve reaction time, memory, and concentration.

Cup of tea surrounded by open books

Even more benefits

Unlike sugary sodas and juice, tea is good for your dental health, too. Fluoride in tea can boost healthy bacteria in your mouth and help reduce the risk of dental disease, cavities, and oral cancer. Tea isn’t an excuse to stop flossing, but it can help you if you aren’t as diligent as your dentist would like you to be. Oral bacteria isn’t the only bacteria tea can support, it helps your gut bacteria, improves digestion, and suppress immune cells responsible for allergic reactions.

While all of this is just the tip of the iceberg for the benefits of tea, science has proven–time and time again–drinking two to six cups every day can help in a ton of ways.

What benefit do you get from drinking tea? What’s your favorite? Share in the comments below!

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