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January "Top 10" Shopping List

January 21, 2022 3 min read

With 2022 to look forward to, it’s time to level up your home with things that delight and warm the soul. What better way to do it than with ethically-sourced, handmade lifestyle products?

Check out Cassandra’s January Shopping Guide from Lifestyle Details!

Lifestyle Details January 2022 Shopping List

#1. Marcel Linen Sheet Set - Mustard

Give your bedroom a burst of color with this mustard linen sheet set. Made of strong, soft, and pure French flax linen, the sheets feature minimal seams and expert weaving for that fine, luxurious look. The advanced stone washing prevents shrinkage and gives them a vintage appearance.

#2. Zion Mug Set

Give your homemade beverages a stylish upgrade with this 11-ounce mug set. The set of 6 comes in different colors, and makes for a cool, handy gift for your loved ones!

#3. Rosewater Mist

This eco-friendly, handmade, 100% natural rose hydrosol toning mist doubles as a linen spray, body spritz, and room freshener. It’s made in small batches to preserve its natural freshness. You can stock up on a few extra bottles in case you need a last-minute New Year gift!

#4. Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

This stylish-looking electric tea kettle is the perfect partner for every tea lover.

This 1.5-liter kettle has a shiny mint-colored ceramic glazing with a rose gold metallic base. It has a conveniently-placed switch, and it can be detached from the base for cord-free serving.

#5. Buddha Head Serenity Oil Warmer

This new year, welcome peace and serenity with an oil warmer that features the venerable Buddha. Add your favorite essential oils to the warmer and enjoy the feeling of tranquility in your home.

Its ceramic design makes for a classy decor accent and an excellent gift for those who love scents and unique decor pieces. 

#6. Levitation Moon Lamp

This white levitating moon lamp is an absolute must-have for your bedside table or desk. It uses magnetic levitation technology to hover and spin above the base, adding a touch of magic to your space!

The lamp comes with a touch sensor control and three lighting modes—White, Warm White, Warm Yellow. It also has a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty to protect you against defects.

#7. European Made Green Glass Hand Decorated Vase

Showcasing freshly cut flowers in a pretty vase can help you bring much-needed positive energy into your home. This European-style green glass vase is perfect for clearing away bad vibes and filling your home with natural scents. The crystal glass is hand-blown and lead-free, making the vase a natural, eco-friendly piece of decor you’ll be proud to show off.

#8. Frying Pan With Lid

Give your kitchen a cool upgrade with this frying pan and lid combo. When you cook with this pan, you can rest assured that the heat will distribute evenly across the surface, ensuring a delicious dish every time. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, it features strong, durable handles and polished surfaces that enhance its stylish design.

#9. Sun Spike Rattan Mirror Wall Decor

Liven up your home with this 15-inch boho-inspired mirror. It can be placed in any room to create a fun, geometric look and a classy effect.

The best part is that this lightweight piece is handcrafted by master artisans from India and is ethically sourced. If you love all things handmade and fair trade, this one's for you.

#10. Temperate Forest Essential Oil Disinfectant Spray

Make the switch to natural cleaning products with this linen and mat disinfectant spray. You can use it in any part of your house, and the herbal blend of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils will leave your house smelling fresh and delightful.

The natural formula contains witch hazel that can also benefit your skin!

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