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Tips for Styling Plants in Your Home Office

January 14, 2022 2 min read

When the pandemic sent everyone home, a lot of companies decided remote work worked for them and their employees. It can be tough to be at home all the time so making your home office both a pleasant place to be and functional became priority one.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of plants in your office? They add personality, style, and aesthetic appeal. They can lower your blood pressure and help you work more efficiently. It has long been scientifically proven that adding plants to your workspace can help improve your mood, reduce stress, purify the air around you, and help get your creative juices flowing.

Plants on an office desk

This or That

So how do you decide what plants are best for your home office? You’re in the right place to find helpful tips to style plants in your home office space.

First Things First

Remember, just as it’s important to vibe with your coworkers, you want to vibe with your plants, too. My first thought - choose low-maintenance plants. You’re already working from home, let’s not add more to your to-do list.

Obviously, you want to choose plants that will thrive in indoor spaces–meaning they have a preference for warm environments and don’t need much water. Some of the best options are: trailing plants, peace lilies, fiddle-leaf figs, orchids, bamboo palm, air plants, aloe vera, and spider plants.

Find the Right Light

The light in your office matters, too. If you get a lot of direct sunlight, you should look for plants like cacti or succulents. If you get some light but not a lot, you need to think more about the temperature of your office. A cold office is great for philodendrons and ferns; a warm office is good for rubber tree plants and dracaenas. If you get very little light, snake plants are good.

Smaller plants framing a picture


Now that you know what plants will work best, where will you put them?

Largely, that depends on your personal preferences and style, but there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Hanging plants are the best option when you don’t have lots of extra floor or desk space. Large floor plants are great for filling an empty corner. Plants on your desk should be small and unobtrusive. We recommend mixing all three in a variety of textures.

To get the most bang for your buck, group your plants together. Whether you group them on your desk, on a shelf, or in a corner on the floor, pick an odd number of plants (at least three) of varying heights and textures. We recommend using neutral-colored pots to avoid making your space too chaotic.

Fake it Til You Make it

If your thumb is absolutely NOT green, fear not, you can do all of the above with fake plants, too. They require no work, beyond dusting, and open up your plant possibilities infinitely. With light, temperature, and water needs obsolete, you can pick anything you like.

Now that you’re on your way to designing a home office fit for a green goddess, what plants are you thinking about for your space? Tell us in the comments.

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