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What is Fair Trade?

November 26, 2020 2 min read

There are certainly a lot of jokes that swirl around about the differences between millennials, boomers and and Gen Z and Yers -  you name it, someone’s said it. Yet there’s one specific element that separates millennials from everyone else. And it’s something to be quite proud of.We shop mindfully. We care about where we spend our money. We understand the impact it can have on the environment and the life of an artisan.

Many terms are thrown around when we discuss the fair trade, environmentally-friendly, and an overall aware and eco-shopping mentality. 

In the 1990’s Paul Rice wished to create a system that allowed for accountability in the fair trade purchasing process, ensuring that artisans received adequate and fair compensation for the products they created. Enter Fair Trade USA, which Rice formed in 1997. This organization helped to increase overall awareness and education of what it meant to purchase ethical products. And hold companies to it. In order to become a Fair Trade Certified business it is quite a rigorous process, as it should be.

When you see the Fair Trade Stamp on a product, it ensures that certain, very specific, high quality standards in social, environmental, and economic goals have been met, which can make you feel better about the purchase of the product. For too long, production of products for mass consumption has led to the exploitation of the health and well-being of underpaid, under-valued workers.
The success of our society depends on the people in it. The more we support artisans globally and locally, the more we increase their ability to rent or buy a home, feed and support their families, and invest in their local community. All of these things support and stimulate a healthy economy as well.

Plus, it FEELS good. To support one another in our passions, to support creative people, their hopes, dreams, wishes, and goals, what could be better? Our own fulfillment as humans make us happier and more giving individuals. Let’s do more of that. Welcome to Lifestyle Details. Shop Now

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