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Ways to Celebrate National Non-Profit Day

August 13, 2021 2 min read

From the moment the year begins, our calendars are packed with special days that call for gatherings, celebrations, and tons of shopping. This year on August 17th, what if we all started a new tradition and gave back for National Nonprofit Day? Founded in 2017 by speaker, best-selling author, and business strategist Sherita J. Herring, this day acknowledges the unrelenting work of nonprofit organizations (NPO) in our communities’ and those who work for them. To celebrate, we’ve summed up five creative and thoughtful ways to show support and bring awareness to the NPO of your choice:

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Use social media.Highlight the work being done in the community through creative posts, reels, and stories. Let your followers know about any upcoming events and drives, especially if you’re planning to be there. Provide links to the NPO’s website, tag them on your posts, and get things trending with unique hashtags. Don’t worry about how many followers you have. What matters is that you’re getting the word out. Now let’s hope it goes viral!
Use your business. Set up discount codes or timed sales and let your clients or customers know that the proceeds will be going towards a particular NPO and their cause. Allocate a banner on your website so that online visitors can get in on the action. They’ll appreciate a good sale backed by a good cause. As a long term option, establish a strong community partnership with that NPO to provide ongoing mutual support. 
Donate Money. Making a monetary donation is as simple as a click on your phone. As a matter of fact, 10% of total donations made to nonprofit organizations are made through mobile devices. If electronic donations are not your thing, log onto their website to find alternative ways to make a contribution. You can choose to  make a one-time donation or a recurring commitment.
Volunteer your time. Unfortunately, only slightly over ¼ of the US population volunteers at one point, with most of that time spent in the month of December.  However, NPOs need extra helping hands year-round. Don’t wait for the holidays, call or visit their website to sign up for volunteer opportunities whenever you have time. Once you’ve committed to time, you can either go alone or invite friends and family for a fulfilling day of volunteer work. 
Host a Drive...or themed event. As you’re planning safe get-togethers this summer, why not add a bit of purpose to it? Create a theme or special invitation that lets your guest know that you’ll be letting your hair down for a good cause. Ask them to bring items or money to be donated. Take lots of pictures to post on your social media profile. Then use specific hashtags that would lead your followers to the relevant organization.
Take some time this year to be a supporting presence alongside those working for the best interest of your community. No amount of money is too small. No amount of volunteer time is insignificant. And no amount of light you shed to bring awareness is too dim.  Anything you provide would be appreciated and will go much further than you think.
Happy Nonprofit Day.

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