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How to Decorate for Valentines Day

February 08, 2021 2 min read

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it can be hard to think outside the chocolate box when it comes to decor. If you're anything like me, you're looking for a way around the traditional decor for cupid's favorite day.

From fragrant flower arrangements to tastefully placed throws and carefully chosen scents, you can easily sprinkle a little love into your decor without all the hearts and roses, if those aren't your thing. Remember, the basis of Valentine's Day is love—between friends (Galentines), for ourselves (self-care), and our significant others (romance)—so do whatever fits your sitch!

Start with clearing the clutter. Winter is almost over (who cares what that pesky groundhog said) and spring is on the way. While most consider it time to take down any lingering Christmas decorations and put away the winter trimmings, those rules no longer stand! if that tree makes you happy (and that's all that really matters, right?!), keep it up and swap the stars, bells, and reindeer for wooden hearts and lace doilies.

No matter the theme of your overall home decor...Craftsman, Victorian, Mediterranean, Colonial, feminine or masculine...whatever you fancy, you can incorporate romance because, at its core, romance is about playing to the senses--all five of them.

The easiest way to dress up your home for Valentine's day is with fresh flowers and greenery. The rose is the most sought-after flower of the season, but all flowers signify something, and you can set many moods in your home by carefully arranging a beautiful bouquet. Consider the following flowers and the sentiments they symbolize:

  • Peonies: romance, prosperity, and good fortune
  • Daisies: purity, loyalty, and patience
  • Tulips: elegance and grace
  • Red carnations: admiration and affection
  • White carnations: good luck
  • Sunflowers: happiness and longevity
  • Orchids: rare and delicate beauty
  • Daffodils: chivalry and devotion

While we're talking fragrance, update your candle collection to align with the season. Consider a "boudoir" scented candle to fill your home with an all-natural blend of Moroccan jasmine, gardenia, Indian Tuberose, and Caramel Amber Praline that will leave you feeling warm and relaxed. Or light a Rosemary Mint soy candle; the blend of these two fragrances inspires freshness, helps rejuvenate and energize the body and mind and supports concentration.

Another way to tastefully add a little love to your home is with soft fabrics and the layering of textures. Think about the addition of rugs and blankets in warm, neutral tones. Balance hints of pink, blush, and even red with golds, nudes, or animal prints. Replace old towels with new ones. Lay a plush throw across the end of your bed. Place some new pillows on the couch.

Any number of other elements can be added to up your Valentine's Day game like tasteful wooden or felt garlands, heart-shaped wood or woven bowls, seasonal table chargers or tea towels, and more.

What's your favorite way to subtly introduce a little love into your decor?

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