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Decorative Storage: How to Style Blankets

March 19, 2021 3 min read

If you’re like me, you’re never more than an arm’s reach away from a cozy blanket. And while I’m all for draping blankets over the back of a sofa (as seen with our Subtle Mauve Rainbow Rows Throw Blanket) or on the arm of a chair for a textured pop of color, it’s way too easy for me to turn that “effortless” look into a nest of rumpled fabric. 

That’s why I love rolling my blankets. It beautifully displays their patterns… and keeps them close by for the moments I need to cuddle up. Here’s my top tips on how to store blankets so your living room can go from “messy” to “masterpiece”:

1. Classic Blanket Roll

    When thinking about rolling blankets to put in a basket or hamper, consider arranging them the way you would flowers. You want the tops to peek out the top of their vase just enough to look beautiful… without drooping over the edges or sticking out at strange angles. 

    For those of you who really love to be specific or want each of your rolled blankets to be the exact same height, go ahead and pull out that tape measure! 

    1. Depending on the size of your blanket, fold it in half or in thirds, lengthwise. 
    2. Start rolling at the side with the uneven edges (where the blanket isn’t already folded) in order to hide those ends and have a seamless presentation.
    3. When you finish rolling, place them in your basket or hamper, with the folded edge facing up (this will hide the remaining edges of the blanket for a neater look).

      Need the perfect basket? The natural fibers and white accents of the Savar Hamper Basket (Set of 3) gorgeously complement any home décor palette! These stylish hampers are sustainably made by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh and are created with seagrass and jute, which makes them sturdy and shapely… without looking rigid. 

      Want to try something a bit more sophisticated? While this next option can certainly work with blankets, it’s also the perfect way to fold towels so your guest bathroom will look inviting and luxurious!

      2. Tight Towel Roll

      Six Steps for a Tight Towel Roll

        This method of rolling blankets and towels leaves you with tight little bundles that are perfect for storage or display! You’ll find satisfying folds across the center of the towel creating a nice “V” shape that leaves your linens looking oh-so-luxurious. 

        And lucky for us, this method is super quick and simple so your guest bathroom – or your own personal space – will be looking like a five-star spa in no time!

        1. Take one corner and fold it across so that it forms a triangle
        2. Now take the new “shorter” side and fold it toward the “longer” side.
        3. Smooth out nicely so there are no wrinkles and flip.
        4. Roll, starting at the flat edge (and not the slanted edge).
        5. Tuck the tip of the slanted edge inside the rolled towel.
        6. Put in a smaller hamper and add a bath loofah or scrub brush to really give it that spa-day feel!

          3. Style Tip – Blanket Ladder


            Want to show off your blankets at their full length? Try out a blanket ladder! I love layering gorgeous colors and exciting textures (peep this gorgeous classic mustard yellow pom pom blanket) with blankets with words on them to create an effortless accent piece in my living room that doubles as some seriously helpful organization.

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