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A Celebration of Customer Service Week

October 01, 2021 3 min read

It’s Customer Service Week!

If you work in the service industry, this can be the perfect time to reflect on, and possibly revise, your company’s overall ideas and practices in terms of customer service. Our procedures and policies are the primary guidelines that govern how the company as a whole regards the customer in any situation. If with respect, then usually that reflects with an increasing number of loyal and returning customers. If not, then there is a bigger problem that may need to be addressed. 

This week is also an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the dedicated personnel and staff members who interact with the customers at every level – on the sales floor, at the fulfillment center, and even at the call center. They resolve issues and deescalate unfavorable occurrences. They assure, then reassure the customers of what the company offers. Through their customer service practices, your company may retain (or unfortunately lose) good business.

Women holding a heart shape figurine

At Lifestyle Details, our customers mean so much more to our brand than simply fulfilling sales. In essence, they are the foundation of our company. It’s true. Being trusted (and loved) by a diverse group of people around the nation, and maybe the world, is quite the gratifying feeling. We must be doing something right (well, maybe a few things). They trust our design choices and have allowed us to curate unique and beautiful items to purchase as gifts, or to decorate and freshen up their homes. That trust and loyalty encourages us to do more and be better so that we can continue to be their go-to place to shop for one of a kind, eco-friendly products.

For us, customer service is an opportunity to distinguish ourselves among online marketplaces. Shopping online offers a different experience than in-store. We work to ensure that those common customer service practices are placed at the forefront. We are always excited to share great products and resources with our Lifestyle Details community. We do so transparently without misleading customers in any way, with respect, and with inclusivity in mind. Our website has a user-friendly design, and we continue to make adjustments to improve the overall user experience from the moment customers land on the site, to the very moment their purchase transaction is complete.

Woman holding a credit card, about to make an online purchase

Customer service is also an opportunity to celebrate and promote diversity. Our support of women and black-owned businesses is an integral part of how and where we source the products sold on our site. These exceptional vendors and business owners have consciously chosen to market their products through our site. It is important that in return, we provide a platform that celebrates the uniqueness of their products and origins, informs the customers about the brand, and supports the individual brands represented.

We hope to always be an example of what customers look for in a brand - through policy and approach. To our valued staff, trusting vendors, and loyal customers…Thank you. We look forward to growing with you as we grow our Lifestyle Details brand.

Contributing Author: Esther Sully is a freelance editor and copywriter who has worked with different brands over the years to help bring their vision to life through engaging, creative, and original written content. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, she now resides in the Midwest where she enjoys time with her family, reading a good book, and a daily cup of dark roast coffee.

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