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3 Ideas for Celebrating National BBQ Month

May 07, 2021 2 min read

May is National BBQ Month, and I am so ready to celebrate! There’s just something so nostalgic and fun about firing up the grill and snacking on watermelon! If you’re like me, you love hosting meals for friends and family and are always looking for ways to make events look beautiful – and keep them running smoothly!

Must-Have | Acacia Flight Board

Acacia Flight Board BBQ Must Have Dips

Let’s talk about this entertaining must-have. This 3-hole flight board has been my go-to when it comes to having guests over. Elegant and simple, it is deceptively versatile! The bowls are the perfect size for holding absolutely anything from appetizers to sauces to snacks.

Because the porcelain bowls aren’t attached to the wood, your guests can easily take what they need, and you can quickly refill a single bowl without removing the whole dish. (For those of you who love a good serving tray, you can see how this is a huge asset!)

Décor Guide | Table Setting Essentials

When it comes to setting up my outdoor tables, I love decorating before the guests arrive. I find that you can keep a table looking balanced and beautiful – withoutcluttering up your dining space – by choosing a few small items to sprinkle along a table runner.

Need some ideas? For my next barbeque, I’m pairing this cream table runner with a few candle lanterns, these burgundy fringed chargers, and a couple of these woven storage trays (they’re the perfect size for napkins and cutlery!). I’ll top it off with this modern Monday Vase overflowing with gorgeous greenery in the center, and voila! I’ll be ready to entertain my guests in no time!

Dessert Idea | Grilled Peaches

Not looking to spend hours prepping a homemade cobbler or pie? Let me share one of my favorite secrets. As peaches come back into season (finally!), you can grill up a super simple – and super delicious! – sweet treat with almost no prep work.

Simply cut and pit your peaches and place them middle-down on the grill over medium-high heat. (This will give you those satisfying grill marks without scorching your fruit.) If you’d like, you can also use a bit of oil to prevent the peach from sticking to the grill – just make sure to use something that doesn’t have a robust or distinct taste to it!

Place each peach half in a bowl and top with some sweet vanilla ice cream, or, if you’re feeling fancy, salted caramel ice cream. Trust me, it’ll quickly become a family favorite!

Ready for a fresh look? Serve up this dish in the Alaska Bowl Set or display bright fruit in this gorgeous woven bowl set.

BBQ Drink Pass Between Friends

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