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Zaghwan Dessert Plate Set

This Zaghwan Dessert Plate is available at Lifestyle Details. It is a sweet finish to any meal and also a versatile addition to your kitchen cupboards. These plates feature a subtly curved face with a slight rim of an earthen finish. 

These dessert plates are sure to leave your guests with a captivating and lasting impression thanks to their design, look, and feel of them. These modern plates are made with kiln-fired stoneware to insulate your dessert, no matter if it's a cold scoop of frozen yogurt or ice cream or if it is a rich, warm brownie or slice of pie. It is perfect even if you combine them together. 

Whether you are having a cinnamon bun with your breakfast, a sweet treat after lunch, cake, or pie after dinner, this dessert plate is made to handle it all! There is no dessert that these stoneware plates can handle. 

The signature glaze on this dinnerware makes for a quick clean-up. Between the glaze and the fact that they are dishwasher-safe, cleaning up after a small gathering or a large dinner party has never been easier! They are also microwave-safe so that you can have a warm dessert anytime you'd like! 

This stoneware plate set comes in four different colors and as a singular plate or as a set of four. No matter what your existing dinnerware collection's colors are, you can easily find a set of plates that can either match your colors or ones that can complement them. 

These classic dessert plates would make a great housewarming gift or wedding present for any friend or family member in your life who loves entertaining and loves desserts. This is a stylish, modern, and practical gift for anyone! 


  • Size: 1.2"H x 7.9"D
  • Weight:1lb
  • Note: All glazes are not identical, and variation is to be expected.