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Votive Candle

You can never have too many votive candles. Especially when they are delicately scented with sea salt. Take yourself to the beach whenever you want with this refreshing candle.

If you want to walk into any room of your home and smell a nice sweet and floral scent, this is the candle for you. Light it while you're cleaning and have your house smelling fresh while it is simultaneously being cleaned at the same time. 

If candles aren't your thing or if you can't have candles lit at home because of little hands trying to get into everything, that's ok too! This candle would make a great gift for any friend or family member in your life. It would make a great addition to any housewarming, wedding, or birthday present. Basically, any gift-giving event that you can think of. 


  • Size: 5oz 
  • Scent: Sea Salt/Grapefruit 
  • Single-wick

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