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Triangle Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets - 9"

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  1. Measurement: 9.5" x 9.5" x2.8" (+/- 0.2")
  2. Materials : Rattan, bamboo, linen cloth
  3. Set includes: banneton basket, bamboo scaper and cloth liner
Want a sourdough bread of art, totally different from ones in round or oval shape? Our triangle banneton proofing basket is what you are looking for!
  • Well-formed loaf : Proofing is an essential method to create perfect bread loaves that are soft on the inside with a crisp crust outside. Our banneton proofing baskets for sourdough and batard bread is designed to provide you that and more.
  • Unique Shape: Not only does this banneton nuture your dough as well as ones of other shapes but it also turns your final bake into a masterpiece- a mixture of architectural and culinary beauty!
  • Safe to use - It is important that our brotform proofing basket set complies with food safety regulations. This banneton uses stainless steel tacks which are a lot safer than traditional basket tacks
Indulge your dough in this baskets and enjoy baking!