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Tien Bamboo Dining Bowl

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This Bamboo Dining Bowl is a great addition to your dinnerware collection. From cereal bowl to salad bowl, popcorn bowl, or chip bowl, the possibilities are endless. These would look great in your cupboard. 

These dining bowls come in a variety of colors and you can collect just your favorite color, or you can collect them all! The choice is yours. 

If you have enough dinner bowls in your cupboard and can't possibly fit anymore, that's ok too! This would make a great gift for any friend or family member in your life that are just starting out and may not have any dinner bowls in their collection yet. From a housewarming gift to a birthday present and everything in between, the recipient will for sure appreciate the practical gift. 


  • Material: Bamboo 
  • Size: 14cm 
  • Colors Available: Taupe, Storm, Soleil, Red Matte, Prune, Pink Matte, Olive, Noir Matte, Noir Gloss, Natural, Grey Matte, Framboise, Eggshell, Corail, Cerise, Blue Matte, Blanc Matte, Blanc Gloss, and Azur

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