Bamboo Salad Servers

The Bamboo Salad Servers are a great addition to any kitchen accessories. There is no shortage of salads that you can use these servers for.

They are available in large and medium sizes and a variety of colors. You can collect one size and one color, all colors and one size, both sizes and one color, or you can collect them all. The possibilities are all that you want them to be. 

If you are not a salad person or already have salad servers and don't want to give those up and don't think you need any more, that's ok too! These salad servers would make a great, practical gift for any friend or family member in your life. From housewarming presents to wedding gifts, the possibilities are endless and one that your guests will be sure to appreciate. 


  • Material: Bamboo 
  • Large Size: 30cm 
  • Medium Size: 25cm 
  • Colors Available: Red Matte, Pink Matte, Olive, Noir Matte, Noir Gloss, Natural, Light Blue Matte, Grey Matte, Cerise Gloss, Blanc Matte, and Blanc Gloss

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