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Teaspoon 5.5" | Set Of 6

Nowadays cutlery is an important part of any table setting. Spoons, knives, and forks of high-quality will help you serve your culinary masterpiece in the most elegant way and will make your breakfast, lunch, or dinner more comfortable and pleasant for you and your family. Modern cutlery is no longer just a set of tools for mealtime, it should also fit the design of your tableware, be safe and be easy to use and care for.
Product features
- high-quality
- produced from the High polish stainless steel.
- durable, corrosion, and deformation-resistant.
- absolutely safe, as the material does not interact with food and does not change its taste, smell, and color.
- dishwasher safe and is easy to care for, without any damage to its shine or appearance.
- designed for maximum comfort