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Stoneware Bowls Set

This Stoneware Bowls Set is available at Lifestyle Details and has width and depth for any occasion. 

You can use this set for a formal dining experience or spread it out as family-style serveware for dips and sauces. No matter if you are having a large party or an intimate gathering and no matter the occasion, these bowls are bound to brighten up your table. 

This Stoneware Bowl Set is available in four different colors and is the perfect addition to your bowl collection. You can add bowls to match your existing colors, or you can get bowls that will complement your existing bowls. The best part is that every piece in this dinnerware set is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. You can heat up your food to ensure that it is always hot and the clean-up will be extremely easy. 

This bowl set includes a pasta bowl, a soup bowl, and a cereal bowl. There is a bowl for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! That's what makes these bowls the perfect housewarming gift or wedding present for any friend or family member in your life. They are very practical and can be easily used every day and year-round! 


  • Cereal Bowl Size: 2.4"H x 5.7"D
  • Pasta Bowl Size:2.6"H x 9.2"D
  • Soup Bowl Size: 2"H x 7.9"D
  • Note: All glazes are not identical, and variation is expected.