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Seagrass Pet Mats

1. Measurements: 15.7" Inch x 11.4" Inch x 0.6" Inch
2. Materials: Seagrass
  • 100% Handwoven - Our pet mats make ideal toys for bunny, rabbit, hamster, guinea pigs and pocket animals.
  • Safe ro chew and great for dental health : Rodents and rabbits have teeth that are constantly growing, so it's vital you give your pet a variety of bunny chewing toys to prevent dental problems. While brightly-colored plastic toys may look appealing, they're often dyed with toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your pet. For your peace of mind and your pet's health, our mats are made of only natural, edible, 100% organic safe materials.
  • Protect the paws: Rabbits are susceptible to sore hocks when kept in wire-bottomed cages; likewise, guinea pigs can suffer injured feet through living in such an environment. Our mats create a more suitable surface for your pet to walk and sleep on, preventing painful injuries and costly visits to the vet. These bunny beddings are also handy if your free-range pet dislikes vinyl or wooden floors!

This is the gift that your fur friend will love.