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Pencil Cup in Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Metal

Simple and durable made-in-USA construction from reclaimed material form a unique pencil cup to help un-clutter your desktop. Makes a nice gift for a teacher, for graduation, or gift for a co-worker.

The base is made from reclaimed wood with a natural finish, and the tube was crafted from recycled farm sprinkler pipe cleaned, smoothed finished with a light lacquer, and set securely with glue in a recessed hole.

Non-skid modern rubber feet screwed in place look nice and will help keep the piece from sliding easily.

Reclaimed wood often contains character marks left from nails we removed before re-working it. To exclude these marks, please add a message "Modern" for a blemish-free and smooth appearance.

We use minimal packaging. Just recycled cardboard and a durable Tyvek sleeve.

2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 4".

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