Guardians Large Porcelain Jar - Elephant

Large porcelain storage canister.

Doesn't every household need a small and potent protector? ​ Ancient Asian ceramics often incorporated animal figures into their designs. The Guardians jars, inspired by this charming tradition, have an auspicious Dragon or Elephant figure guarding their lids.

Exquisitely executed in fine porcelain, these hexagonal storage jars are ideal for storing tea, cookies, or other small items. The Guardians jars add a decorative touch anywhere in your home.

Two sizes are available. This would be the perfect addition to any kitchen as a cookie jar, flour jar, or anything else you can think of. Already have an assortment of jars but still love the sophisticated and cute look? You can display it as a decor piece or gift to any friend or family member. 


  • Large Size: 13x15x19 cm

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