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"Grapefruit" Reed Diffuser

Grapefruit, orange, and lime with a whiff of ginger for spice.

This Grapefruit Reed Diffuser would make a great alternative in the summer for anybody who loves candles but doesn't want to worry about the open flame blowing because of a fan or air conditioner. 

If candles or scents from a diffuser aren't your things or if you have little hands around that means you can't have open flames, that's ok too! This diffuser would make a great gift for anybody as a housewarming present, birthday present, Christmas present, or any gift-giving event that you can think of. 


  • Net Weight: 6oz
  • Height: 3 1/2"
  • Diameter: 3 1/4"
  • Includes a box of 36 reeds 
  • Packaged minimally in clear glass with a brushed metal top

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