"Fireside Chat" 2-Wick Candle Duo

Winter is for coziness. And coziness is all about blankets, warmth and firesides. The most wonderful moments happen in front of the fire. Luxuriate in this scent with the lighting of a match with our candle duo.

By the Fire
Notes: Pine, Fir, Orange Peel, Cypress, Clove, Ginger
Snuggling up by the fire is a must. The smell of the crackling fire and the warmth that makes us feel relaxed and cozy. How do you relax by the fire? Read a book, play family board games, drink a glass of wine or a hot mug of cider….. Well, why wait?  Go slip into those comfy pants and fuzzy slippers and ___ by the fire.


  • Size: 11 oz.
  • Burn time: 60-70 hours
  • Ingredients: Pure soy and all natural fragrance
  • Lead-free wicks