Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Crystalline Glass 21 Oz | 630 Ml | Set Of 6 | In Plain Box

These premium wine glasses are crafted to perfection with exclusive crystalline glass, which is of the finest quality for flawless results. The drink glasses areeco-friendly so they can be perfectly safe for you and incredibly durable. With these amazing wine glasses you can enhance your drinking and wine tasting experience. They have a laser-cut and ultra-thin rim that will improve wine tasting. Their unique design will also let your wine breathe and intensify the flavor so that each sip is a life-changing experience.
Crystalline Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glass Set, 6-piece, 21 oz. (630 ml), 2-1/2" dia. x 9-1/2"H, dishwasher safe, lead-free crystal glass.

ARTICLE: WL-888020/6A INNER: 1 CTN: 4


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