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Dadasi Dinner Set

Combine the best of all our Dadasi collection in the perfect trio. For the host who appreciates living a little off-center. Subtle and artistically shaped, this set elicits the ease of a casual brunch or the earthy charm of a formal dinner. Whatever the occasion, our Dadasi Set is here to stun. 

This dinner set is one that should be included in any home. You can get just your favorite color or collect all colors and have many dinner sets for any occasion. The choice is yours!

If you have enough plates in your cupboard and can't possibly fit anymore, that's okay too! These plates would make a great gift for any friend or family member in your life who is just starting out and may need some plates to get themselves started. From housewarming gifts to wedding presents, the possibilities are endless! 


  • Colors Available: Pearl, Amber, Adriatic, Chalk, and Basalt
  • Set includes a large plate, small plate, and a bowl

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