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Poijke Cutting Board

The Poijke Cutting Board by Brood and Plank is a beautiful piece of French Oak wood with a leather strap that functions as a one-of-a-kind cutting and serving board.

The board is 22 inches long and a foot wide, creating a board that’s perfect for presenting your favorite recipes. You can use the board as the inspiration for your dinner party, designing your spread around the aesthetic the Poijke Cutting Board creates. The perfect piece for your modern kitchen or as a unique gift. 


  • Brand: Brood + Plank
  • Designer: Serge Veenema
  • Material: French Oak
  • Size: SMALL: 55 x 30 cm or  22 x 12 in., LARGE: 60 x 30 cm or 24 x 12 in
  • Color: Natural

Actual colors may vary slightly from images due to computer settings and/or the unique nature of our products.

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