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Cork Back Coaster - Merry Little Christmas

This Cork Back Coaster - Merry Little Christmas is available at Lifestyle Details and will allow your favorite beverage to rest easy and prevent condensation from settling on any table, end table, or nightstand.

The square coaster is designed to accent your living space while also perfectly protecting your valuable surfaces. It will fit right in with any holiday decor, whether you are just decorating for Christmas or for all the winter months as well. No matter where you use these coasters, they will fit right in with any color palette used in your home. When they aren't being used to keep your surfaces clean, they are also a great holiday home decor accessory.

You can also gift this beautiful holiday coaster to any friend, family member, or co-worker in your life. It can be added to a gift basket or can be used as a Secret Santa gift. It is practical, thoughtful, and is sure to be used plenty!


- Size: 3.75" x 3.75"
- Material: Genuine Cork Bottom and finished with a glossy white top made of polyester-coated hardboard.
- Made in the USA
- Note: The listing is for one coaster.