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Condiment Square Mini Plates

These Condiment Square Mini Plates are available at Lifestyle Details and are perfect for sauces, spices, or anything else that adds dimension to your meal. They are functional and timeless and are a great way to accent your table with pops of color and form. 

You can combine these squares with appetizer plates for a beautiful collection. Or you can pair it with bread plates for a symmetrical feel or pair it with bolder dinner plates to add a medley of shapes to your tabletop.

These condiment squares are great for mini appetizers or for any condiment you need for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can use them anytime of the day and for any occasion. Whether you are having a large dinner party or a small gathering, these mini plates are perfect to ensure your condiments won't touch your food until you want them to. 

These small plates are available in multiple colors and as a singular plate or as a set of three. The best part is this serveware is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. You can warm up any condiment - like cheese for nachos - and clean-up will be much easier since you can just pop them in the dishwasher. 

No matter how you use these stoneware mini plates, they are practical and stylish. They would also make a great housewarming gift or wedding present for any friend or family member in your life who may not consider condiment squares to be practical - but they will find themselves using them all the time! 


  • Size: 3.5"L x 3.5"W
  • Weight: 0.3lbs 
  • Note: All glazes are not identical, and variation is expected.