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Bread Loaf Pan

This Bread Loaf Pan is available at Lifestyle Details and is sure to be an all-around family favorite. Unlike other bread pans, it is made from kiln-fired stoneware to ensure the easiest bake with even browning. 

This stoneware loaf pan is designed so that every loaf lifted out of the oven comes out in the perfect shape and consistency. No matter if it is banana bread, pumpkin bread, cornbread, or lemon loaf - it will all come out in the perfect way. 

This modern yet classic pan is covered in a signature glaze to ensure quick and effortless cleanup. Plus, it is dishwasher-safe, so you don't have to worry about washing it either. This is perfect because it gives you more time to enjoy your delicious treat. It is also microwave-safe, so you can heat up whatever type of bread you make.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginning baker or a seasoned baker - this loaf bread pan is perfect for you. It is available in four colors and will go great with your existing bakeware. Depending on how often you like to make loaves of bread or if you have a large family, you can get one of these bread pans in one color or get them all!

This stoneware pan would make the perfect housewarming gift or wedding present for any friend or family member who loves to bake. It is a practical gift that the recipient will be sure to appreciate and use!


  • Size: 10"L x 4.5"W x 2.4"H
  • Weight: 2.4lbs
  • Colors Available: Pale Jade, Juniper, Pearl, and Amber