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Aura Flora Sage Cleansing Smudge Spray

This Aura Flora smudge spray offers an alternative to removing negative or stagnant energy in your space with this essential oil spray. 

This spray also has multiple uses and a great way to incorporate natural cleaning products and aromatherapy into your home and practice.

Spray on couches, rugs, curtains, decorative textiles, and more to disinfect and while leaving a beautiful aroma to your space. 

Spritz it on your mat before class to create a slip-free surface, then spray it on post-workout for a good cleaning. This is even good for your skin to help prevent staph infection for those who practice martial arts! 


  • Aroma: Fresh, Herbal, Uplifting
  • Ingredients: Sage Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Witch Hazel, Filtered Water
  • Made in Brooklyn