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5-Piece Dinnerware Storage Set

This 5-Piece Dinnerware Storage Set is available on Lifestyle Details and is an elegant storage solution for your precious china.

Discovering cracks and chips in your favorite antiques and family china can be heartbreaking. Whether you use your fine china dinnerware frequently or only on special occasions, you need a proper storage solution to keep all of your special dinnerware organized, safe, and dust-free. Everything will be ready to shine when you need it to! 

You can now safely store all of your dinnerware in this quilted storage case and enjoy entertaining your friends and family with perfectly clean and chip-free dinnerware! 

This case can be used to hold any type of dinnerware and glassware that you want - from fine china to stainless steel to ceramic - the possibilities are wide open. If you need to clean the cases, they should only be spot cleaned, and that includes the felt dividers/felt protectors as well.

This dinnerware set would also make a great gift for any friend or family member in your life who may not have thought that a storage bin for fine china would be a household essential. However, it is more essential than some may realize. It would make a great, outside-the-box idea for a housewarming gift or wedding present.


  • Dinner Plate Storage Size: 12" Diameter x 7" High
  • Salad Plate Storage Size: 10" Diameter x 7" High
  • Dessert Plate Storage Size: 8" Diameter x 7" High
  • Saucer Plate Storage Size: 7" Diameter x 7" High
  • Cup Storage Size: 15.5" x 13.5" x 5" High
  • Each set holds 12 plates/cups each