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2 Medium-Sized Acacia Platters - 14" and 8" Round

Each Acacia piece has been hand-carved from the highest quality acacia wood. 

Attractive and functional, the rich contrasts of color and grain add style and elegance to any home! 

Great for individual meals, cheese platters, appetizers, finger food, or just as home decoration, Acacia wood also is known more simply as Acacia, is an environmentally friendly hardwood that is grown all over the world. This product is 100% made from plantation-grown acacia wood. 


  • Consists of: 1 8" Diameter Acacia Round Plate and 1 14" Diameter Round Plate
  • This charming Acacia round plate/platter is perfect for everyday use as well as for entertaining during that special party.
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • Do not use in the oven or microwave 
  • Stackable into each other for ease of storage and presentation