"Crema Bucca" Scented 16oz Coconut Wax Candle

A creamy and spicy notes of licorice vanilla with star anise, and a luxuriant touch of cinnamon, falling into clove spice, finishing it off with a sprinkling of sugary rich vanilla bean.

If you want to walk into any room in your home and smell a fresh and sweet scent, this "Crema Bucca"  Scented 16oz Coconut Wax Candle is for you. This would also make a great idea when you want your home to smell nice while you are doing anything. 

If you aren't a fan of the scent or you can't have open flames due to tiny fingers trying to get into everything, that's okay too! This would make a great gift for any friend or family member in your life who is just starting out and may need some extra home decor pieces. From housewarming gifts to wedding presents, the possibilities are endless! 


  • Size: 16 oz.
  • Burn Time: 80 hours

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