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Classic Collection 3 Pcs Towel Set

At SaaSoh we design our towels with premium yarns and are made of pure 100% Long Staple Aero Cotton. The cotton used in our Klassic Collection has extra-long fibers which not only make them soft and feathery to feel but also more absorbent after washes.

Their refined look will elevate your bathroom by adding a zing to your personal space. These chic pieces of towels are versatile and perfect for beach use as they dry super-fast. You can also use them as wraps or summer throw too. We have a range of sizes and choices of colors to select from. 

Set Consists of:

  • 1 Pcs Washcloths (13"X13")
  • 1 Pcs Hand Towels (16"X30")
  • 1 Pcs Bath Towels (30"X54")