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Round Bamboo Plate

  • STURDY AND DURABLE: Our bamboo plates are too strong to handle all kinds of foods, cups or bottles altogether. This eco-friendly plates is ideal for serving breakfast, food, dish, coffee, bread, dining for home and restaurants. Bamboo is sturdy yet light, that’s why the plate is light but hand made to last a long time
  • PROTECT YOUR HEALTH - Not just a solution to reduce plastic on earth, bamboo plate is the solution for a healthy meal and life. Bamboo reportedly contains an antimicrobial bio-agent called “bamboo kun” which is found naturally in living bamboo fiber. This makes bamboo plates naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant.
  • EARTH-FRIENDLY: Made Terra wood dining plates are made of bamboo, a plant that’s sustainably grown and easy to harvest. Bamboo wood is widely used by artisans to make tableware, dinnerwares, home decor furniture and accessories. This is a great eco-friendly, biodegradable dining, party and serving solution