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Non-Stick Frying Pan CM.20 Stile

Mepra and Pininfarina have created STILE, a refined cookware collection for lovers of Italian beauty. An unmistakable design in which pure lines find harmoniously their place in everyday life.

The perfect balance between shape and function: Mepra solid experience and Pininfarina constant aesthetic research have created a cookware collection in the pursuit of timeless values: Beauty, Purity, Innovation. With its contemporary, essential look, STILE brings elegance to the kitchen without forgoing functionality, making the cooking experience even more satisfying.

The pureness of the lines and the clean, essential geometries shape a collection in which function and style reach the perfect balance. The contrast between the shiny finish of the handles and the satin-finished exterior gives the collection an unmistakable look.

Not only stylistic research but also attention to safety, ergonomics, and functionality, make STILE an expression of the highest Italian quality and the proof of an innovative approach to design, focused on people’s wishes and needs. Since 1930 Pininfarina has been a synonym of elegance and innovation. Thanks to its unmistakable style, this design house has given life to some of the most stunning cars in automobile history and objects that entered the dreams of generations of people. More than 85 years in creating beauty allow giving life to unique objects touching every aspect of the human experience.

“Italian style means a sense of proportions, simplicity, and harmony of line, such that after a considerable time, there is still something which is more alive than just a memory of beauty.” [Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina]. From the first-hand sketches to the final 3D models, the Stile collection has been conceived for the most refined and stylish home environments. The Pininfarina design team worked to give the product dynamic and sensual lines that get across a vivid impression of preciousness and, at the same time, lightness.

The external matte finish of this Non-Stick Frying Pan CM.20 Stile surface enhances the elegance of the shape. The contrast of the glossy-matte finishing of the handles enhances the tri-dimensionality of the cooking tool. The heat-diffusing bottom with elevated thickness, the heating surface to the edge of the body, guarantees an outstanding heat distribution. The round, non-sharp-cornered bottom edge of each cooking tool avoids damage to induction and ceramic hobs. 

The internal ETERNA® non-sticking coating guarantees the best performance. It strongly repels water and grease for the easiest cleaning ever. The pan also lasts 3 times longer in the Accelerated Cooking Test and has 10 times the Dry-Egg Release of the nearest competitive coating. 


  • 18/10 Stainless Steel Body and Handle 
  • Eterna Non-Sticker Triple Layer Coating 
  • Resistant to metal utensils 
  • Pollution Free 
  • Aluminum Core for even heat distribution 
  • Suitable for all cooking surfaces 
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Oven-Safe
  • Ergonomic handle