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October "Top 10" Shopping List

October 15, 2021 3 min read

It’s officially “spooky season,” and I’m so ready to get cozy and enjoy all the pumpkin-themed things. I’ve always been a sucker for a good fall-time movie marathon or a fun trip to a pumpkin patch (who can resist that aesthetic?), and I can’t wait to delve into this time of year again.  

This month’s shopping list will be based all around those cozy vibes and fall-time fun. So, get comfy and prepare for some perfect autumnal shopping inspiration!

October 2021 Shopping List

Pumpkin + Chai Premium Scented Candle

This list would not be complete with the perfect fall candle, and this combination is my absolute favorite. For years, I’ve been a pumpkin-and-vanilla-combo kind of gal, but this Pumpkin + Chai candle is a nice way to spice things up while still staying in the same “scent family.” While pumpkin is still the star of the show, you’ll get a nice whiff of chai’s cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg from this hand-poured, soy candle.

Orange Bowl Vase

Fall is full of gorgeous colors, but the orange hues we’re seeing this time of year are my absolute favorite. This is why I’m in love with this orange bowl vase. It ties in all sorts of orange and gold tones to create a beautiful centerpiece, whether you decide to put a little candle inside or let it overflow with some blooming flowers!

Small Slate Lantern

If you’re setting up a spooky centerpiece, a few lanterns are a great way to incorporate a sense of mystery among your fall foliage. Add a small tealight for a nice, warm glow!

Mustard Marcel Linen Sheet Set

I tend to get so focused on decorating my living and dining rooms that I forget about the fun fall touches I can sprinkle around the rest of my home as well. This year, I’m bringing fall colors into my bedroom with this gorgeous Mustard Marcel Linen Sheet Set. Made from French flax linen, these sheets actually get softer overtime (due to some expert weaving-related magic!).

Natural Bono Basket

I’ve found that it’s easiest to feel festive during harvest season when I’m surrounded by natural fibers. That’s why I love these Natural Bono Baskets. Woven with thick braided jute, these durable baskets have a classic, yet sophisticated look. Handmade by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh, you can easily see the artistry and skill that goes into each one. They’re perfect for storing small trinkets, or they’ll make the idea apple-picking and picnic accessory!

Bird’s Nest Fern + Basket

Where would Halloween be without a little whimsy? These indoor plants will certainly add a little magic to your home. With funky, wavy leaves, a bird’s nest fern is the perfect way to add a little life to your space without detracting from the fall “vibes.” (Not to mention, these indoor plants double as mini air-purifiers, a perfect addition as we also head into cold and flu season!)

100% Organic Cotton Solid Knit Throw Blanket

It doesn’t get much cozier than this! If you’re planning a spooky season film marathon anytime soon, be sure to grab up a few of these first! The perfect all-purpose blankets, they’re the super-soft companion you’ll need to hide behind during a scary movie!

Elegant Glass Teapot + Warmer

You might not find me brewing any nefarious potions this October, but you will find me brewing some delicious tea at any hour of the day! The only problem? I get so busy that I tend to forget I have a nice warm drink until it gets cold. This glass teapot and warmer solves that problem. The aluminum heating plate keeps your tea warm until you’re ready for a cup!

Small Black Fringed Catch-All

Throwing a bewitching Halloween party? Let these little catch-all baskets filled with treats (or tricks!) will delight your partygoers. Handwoven and made with organic dye, they not only look perfect for the spookiest holiday, they’re also sustainably sourced!

Deep Pot with Lid – Glamour Stone

I absolutely love a fresh salad during the summer, but as we head into chillier weather, I’m all about homemade soup and chili. To prepare them properly, I need cookware I can rely on. That’s why I love this pot – and everything in the collection – by Glamour Stone. They’re all about being sustainable while cooking, and this pot reaches the perfect temperature fast…without burning your food or negatively affecting flavor.

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