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November "Top 10" Shopping List

November 29, 2021 3 min read

The Halloween costumes are packed away and November has arrived. It’s turkey time in most households even if you have your Christmas decorations up. This time of year fosters feelings of togetherness, thoughtfulness, and gratitude.

This month’s list is all about getting into that family feast vibe, and dipping your toes into a little holiday merriment. I recommend sipping some spiced cider as you shop!

Lifestyle Details Shopping List

White Elephant Candle

This candle is the perfect purchase if you’re looking to get a jump on your Christmas Party presents. With White Elephant literally in the name, yours will be the clever gift everyone is trading for. Scented with absinthe and quince, each of these candles is sculpted and poured by hand. It’s a bit whimsical, but still stylish--a unique statement piece.

Tapas Set

Tapas are small savory dishes that typically come with drinks. This set is perfect for serving small, intimate shareables with your special someone, but can also be a great centerpiece for sauces, dips, and bite-sized treats for your buffet. The subtle stacking and modern shape make it the perfect piece for any table.

Large Drink Set

Most people think of lemonade or margaritas when they think of drink sets and pouring from a pitcher. But I encourage you to expand your concept of what pitchers are. A nice winter/fall sangria, hot toddy, or eggnog work great in pitchers, too. Maybe set up a wrapping party with a few friends, put together a festive drink, and celebrate.

Natural Bamboo Tray

Charcuterie is the name of the game. From small meat and cheese boards to elaborate spreads, mastering this entertainment technique has to be on your to-do list. This natural bamboo tray is a great starting point. Not too big, and stylish enough to add a little spice to your table. It would also be a good tool for coffee and a muffin in bed while you enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Teal Tile Tea Towel

Tea towels are the perfect addition to any kitchen because they’re one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your space or table, but--even better--they’re machine washable (read: more environmentally friendly than paper products). They make great gifts and, if staged well, don’t even have to be wrapped.

Donut Give Up Wall Art Canvas

The holidays can be hard for some. This cute wall hanging is a great way to show someone you support them and care about how they feel. The great thing is, it looks great in any room of the house. I suggest putting it in your workout space for a fun, light-hearted reminder to push through.

Mountain Coasters

These coasters just scream “home for the holidays.’ There are tons of design themes you can bring into your home, but these work well whether you're into winter wonderland or country Christmas. The natural wood absorbs any condensation so that you can protect all your fabulous furniture from stains.

Medium Planter

Something about plants has really stirred us lately. Planters like this one are a great way to bring the outside indoors during the colder months of the year. This planter comes in multiple colors, and is designed for you to BYOP (bring your own plant) so if you don’t have a green thumb, you can use it for something else!

Opulent Collection 6-piece Towel Set

These colder months make it more difficult to get out of the shower. Amiright? It’s SO HARD to get out of a hot, steamy shower when you know the cold air is just outside the door. Ease your stress with these incredibly plush towels. Not only will they keep you warm on a long winter’s night, they’ll add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, too.

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