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June "Top 10" Shopping List

June 18, 2021 3 min read

June is one of my favorite months. My garden is in full bloom right now, and I’ve been spending so much time out among the plants. My patio has become my go-to reading spot, the best place for dinner, and my favorite workout area (anyone else really into Pilates recently?).

In fact, my garden has really inspired this list, though you’ll find most of these items work just as well indoors as they do outside! So, grab a glass of ice-cold lemonade and get ready to find some summer inspo!

June Favorites

Hexagon Lantern  -I’ve been obsessed with this little beauty. The large cutwork hexagon lantern features a gorgeous ornate pattern that even this minimalist can get on board with! I love putting a little tea light in there at night and letting it cast enchanting shadows all over the patio. (It’s perfect for an at-home date night!)

Ocean Blue Planter Trio - I don’t think my garden getaway would be complete without these new favorites. This planter trio is the absolute perfect color of blue: it doesn’t distract from the flowers, but the color still lets the planters stand out as an accent piece. They’re super spacious, which means you won’t have to worry about constantly repotting whatever plant you put in there, and they’re very sturdy, which gives me some peace of mind as these summer storms continue to roll through.

Thermo Glass Tea Pot - What is a gorgeous garden good for if not an adorable tea-party? (The perfect excuse for making all your favorite baked goodies!) For both warm and cool drinks, I use this thermo glass tea pot, plus it’s safe for both the microwave and dishwasher.

Blown Glass Pitcher -I’ve always been one to linger in the houseware section of my favorite stores, and it’s always a joy to find something super unique like this pitcher. It has such a unique shape without running the risk of looking awkward. It’s great for some refreshing cucumber water, but I love to mix up all sorts of drinks full of fresh fruit because they look so beautiful in this container. Bring a few glasses outside, and you’re ready to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Acacia Platters - I recently had some friends over for dinner out in the garden, and these two large Acacia platters were so, so handy. I was able to serve all the appetizers I made at once, so I didn’t have to keep running in and out of the house, and I got so many compliments on how pretty they are! Definitely a must-have for people who love to entertain!

Wall Shelf with Vases -One of the reasons I put such an emphasis on preparing my garden this year was because I wanted to be able to bring flowers inside whenever I liked – without always having to rely on a trip to the florist or farmer’s market. Now, I’ve been displaying my favorite blooms on this super unique wall shelf. It has three dainty clear vases built in, and I currently have roses in all different colors sitting in each one!

Kronberg French Bread Slicer -I don’t know about you, but I can definitely put away some delicious fresh bread. Recently, I’ve been taking whatever baguette or bread I have on hand and just dropping it into this lovely little slicer. It’s got knife slots, making it easy to slice without getting crumbs everywhere. And when I take it outside, the fact that it’s raised means I don’t have to worry about any pollen or dirt on the table getting anywhere near my food.

Large Slat Wood Lantern -Unfortunately, mosquitos love me. So, I’m all about lighting some citronella candles when I’m outside to ward them off. I like to tuck mine away in these large slat wood lanterns for some chic bug protection. Decorative and purposeful, my two favorite things!

Summer Candle Duo -When it’s too toasty to hang out in the garden, I still love to be surrounded by the scents of summer, which is why this candle duo is absolute perfection. These pure soy candles feature the scents Grapefruit Mojito and Costa Del Azahar – as well as lead-free wicks to keep your space toxin-free.

Galvanized Bucket Planter Duo -Love the rustic chic look? These planters are perfect for you. I’ve ended up buying two sets – one for my plants, and one for serving drinks! I love filling them with ice and my family’s favorite bottled beverages! Hello summer!

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