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July "Top 10" Shopping List

July 09, 2021 3 min read

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “hygge.” It’s a Danish term for finding happiness in the little things in life, and I’ve been trying to apply it to the way I view my home. Instead of going for big changes right now, what little things can I do to make small, positive changes?

That’s why, for this shopping list, I’m focusing on the little details that infuse joy into my home. I truly hope you’ll love them just as much as I do, and that they bring happiness to your space!

July Shopping List Ideas

Black Beaded Atelier Coasters |The summer heat is here,and both me and my favorite drink glasses have been working up a sweat. To protect my coffee table from any water damage, I’ve been using these Black Beaded Atelier Coasters. They are handwoven by a cooperative of female artists in Rwanda, and they are absolutely stunning against wood or a table runner.

Guardians Porcelain Jars |Ancient Asian ceramics regularly featured images of animals that were considered guardians. I love that idea, and while more modern traditions have strayed from the beloved stories of animal protectors, these jars and their little elephant figurines are a lovely tribute to stories of the past. Now, I say a little “thank you” to the elephants who keep my calming nighttime tea and favorite essential oils safe throughout the day.

Strawberry Shortcake Wood Wick Candle |One of my favorite desserts in candle form? Yes, please! This candle is made from 100% soy wax and comes in an adorable mason jar that matches perfectly with my décor. I love that Free Reign Farms took the time to make sure that you don’t just smell the strawberry scent, but that you also get hints of heavy cream and angel food cake. I always light this one before guests come over!

Cobalt Blue Vase |Maybe it’s the summertime visits to the ocean, but for some reason, I’ve been obsessed with adding gorgeous shades of blue to my home. This hand-blown crystal vase is such an eye-catching color, I find myself admiring it all the time. It looks incredible with white flowers and creates an exciting color palette when paired with the bright blooms from my garden.

Indigo and Sea Glass Iza Pillow |Another way I’ve been adding shades of blue to my space is with these beautiful pillow covers. 100% organic cotton and handmade in Colombia, these pillows have brought a beachy palette in a subtle way that I love.

Chamber Bed Pillow |Most of the time, when I think of “home improvement,” I think of ways to make my space more beautiful. However, I recently upgraded my bed pillow to this Chamber Pillow, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. While my bed might look exactly the same, I have slept so much better recently – and it’s thanks to this down pillow. And for those of you who have been poked by down pillows in the past, this pillow features a down-proof coating, so you get all the support of feathers…without any uncomfortable poking.

Raye™ Rolling Wine Glasses |I think these rolling wine glasses are just so, so clever. They not only enhance aeration of your favorite wine and show off its gorgeous color, but they’re also incredibly fun to have around! (Better yet, they’re finally back in stock after being sold out!)

Reusable Cheese Markers By Twine ® |I adore little table accents like these cheese markers! Simply stick the fork prongs into the cheeses on your charcuterie board and easily identify Brie, Bleu, Gouda, and Stilton cheese for your guests. These also make great gifts!

I Believe I Can Pie Kitchen Towel |I decided it was time to refresh my kitchen towels, and I wanted to get a few that made me laugh. I absolutely love the “I Believe I Can Pie” kitchen towel. It always brings a smile to my face around mealtimes!

TIA Bamboo Salad Servers |Honestly, where have these things been? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s awkwardly struggled to get salad out of a salad bowl only to have spinach leaves escape or baby tomatoes roll off the table. These salad servers are strong and perfectly curved so you can stop the balancing act between the salad bowl and your plate. (Also, they’re super cute and so fun to use and come in many different colors!) 

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