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10 Spring Cleaning Projects You Can Do From Bed

March 28, 2021 2 min read

Spring cleaning your digital life woman at a keyboard

Physical papers can take up a lot of room in your home and keeping digital files you don’t use anymore can really clutter up your computer space. Here’s the checklist you need to get your (digital) life together.

  1. Clean your phone – inside and out. Delete apps you haven’t used in a month or more and re-tidy those folders. Disinfect your phone – and case – and, if you’re in the mood to refresh, pick new lock and home screens that feel clean and bright.

  2. Unsubscribe to all those emails. You don’t need daily ads for candles and underwear.

  3. Subscriptions. Make sure you’re using everything you’re paying for and stop the ones you’ve been meaning to cancel.

  4. Revoke social permissions. We sign into a lot of stuff with Facebook and Twitter. Go to Settings > Apps to see which apps are using your data or login and revoke permission from the ones you don’t use.

  5. Ditch the DVDs.If you’re like me and all your old DVDs are easier to reach on Netflix anyway, it might be time to get rid of them. DVD players, radios, CDs and the like clutter up your entertainment system. If you don’t use them, it could be time to part ways.

  6. Curate your playlists to perfection.If your Spotify is a mess, it might be worth the time to delete old playlists, find cover art that speaks to you, delete songs you’ve grown to hate, and ensure your playlist moods are spot-on.

  7. Clean out your planner. If you’re a physical planner type of person, go ahead and rip out the months that are over and done. Remove old papers tucked into the pockets and either use those built-in stickers or let them go.

  8. Clear out old computer files. That expense report from three years ago? Yeah, you don’t need that anymore. Delete obsolete files and put the ones you mightneed (but don’t access regularly) on an external hard drive.

  9. Reorganize your desktop.Reorganizing the clutter on your desktop with a helpful computer background is a greatway to keep yourself on-task and productive. You can finally stop wandering through your computer’s dozens of bookmarks and instead have a control center with handy shortcuts.template desktop background for better organizing

  10. Shred it up.Here’s your annual reminder to shred sensitive documents you don’t need. If you’ve yet to make the switch, consider getting a compact scanner that can turn documents you need (but don’t have space for) into digital documents.

Psst! A digital scanner is a great way to “keep” papers like letters or pictures that you have sentimental value without actually having to keep them around. A flash drive is much (much) smaller than that stack of stuff you want to keep from high school.

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